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Dünyanın En İyi Multimedia Eğitimi: ASF - Insider Threat!

Amerika'da Ciddi Oyun Eksperleri ASF-IT İçin Ne Diyor?

This is, by far, the most intriguing and engaging IA/Cybersecurity learning game I have ever experienced; In fact, it would be great to see this or a similar serious game become the new standard for annual IA certification training.
Very engaging and immersive gameplay with a well-developed integration of gaming and instructional elements. Agent Surefire a prime example of learning-by-doing. The high-degree of independence or autonomy of choice is well-balanced with the hints/guidance provided throughout the gameplay...
The information presented in this game is extremely useful and relatable. The game is very engaging and captivating! The goal of the game is very clear. The "tap to continue buttons" that reflect the game objectives keep the user engaged in the game.
Good and useful information such as relevant terminology, maps, missions, etc. The scripted pointers expertly guide user on the appropriate step to take to complete each level! The game is exciting to play yet teaches useful information at the same time.

Summit EMA - Online Gaming - Innovator Award
The International Business "Stevie" Awards
Training (Interactive Multimedia)
GOLD Award

Communicator Awards Corporate Training Award of Distinction
Kristal Piksel Ödülleri
En iyi yerli oyun
Juri Özel Ödülü

Immersion  Awards - Best Industry Game
The International Academy of Visual Arts
2012 Davey Awards
Gaming - Silver Award

Hermes Awards - Web Based Training - Platinum Award
2012 W3 Awards
Multimedia Training
Silver Award

Digital Media Awards - Best In e-learning - Gold
2012 International Serious Play Awards
Government / Military
Silver Medal

Game Audio Network Guild Awards
Best Original Instrumental Music

American Business Awards - Training - Finalist
2012 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge
Best Business Game

Summit EMA - Flash Design - Leader Award
2012 e-virtuoses Awards
Risks & Crisis Management

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